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All Equipment Used When Mooring

Overview of Anchor and Mooring Gear

Anchor windlass on general purpose ship with mooring drum and warping head

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1.  Storage part of the mooring drum
2. Pulling section of the drum (working part)
3. Brake band
4. Gear box
5. Electro-hydraulic motor
6. Warping head
7. Chain in the gypsy wheel
8. Dog clutch
9. Anchor
10. Hawse pipe
11. Spurling pipe
12. Chain locker
13. Chain stopper with security device
14. Guide roller
15. Bollard
16. Guide roller
17. Deck
18. Hatch to chain locker

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear 1 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear 2 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Anchor Equipment

Anchors can be:

Conventional anchors
HHP anchors – High holding power
-SHHP anchors – Super high holding power

Pool anchor (HHP) type HG ‘Pool N’ anchor; Hall anchor (conventional anchor)

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear 3 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. crown/ shackle
2. shank
3. flukes
4. crown pin
5. crown plate
6. anchor chain with swivel


anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear spek%252520anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Spek anchor

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear hall%252520anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Hall anchor

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear pool%252520TW%252520anchor%252520 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Pool TW anchor

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear anchor%252520d%252527hone%252520 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Anchor d’hone

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear danforth%252520anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Danforth anchor

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear ac 154%252520anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

AC-14 anchor

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear flipper%252520anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

Flipper anchor


Different ways to connect the anchor to the chain

Kenter shackle

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear%252520 %252520kenter%252520shackle Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1.Half link
2. Locking pin
3. Stud

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear%252520 %252520anchor%252520shank Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Anchor shank
2. Anchor/ link
3. Swivel
4. Open link
5. Enlarged link
6. Kenter shackle
7. Crown shackle


Chain stopper with tensioner ; Chain stopper
chain%252520stopper%252520with%252520tensioner Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Tensioner
2. Cable stopper
3. Chain
4. Guard


Anchor and mooring combined windlass/ mooring winch

anchor%252520mooring%252520combined%252520windlass %252520mooring%252520winch Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Main sharft
2. Gear box
3. Electric motor
4. Warping drum
5. Drum (storage part)
6. Drum (working part)
7. Gypsy wheel
8. Control lever for the band brake


Claw clutch out and in

claw%252520clutch%252520out%252520in Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Bearing
2. Sliding claw
3. Fixed claw

Mooring gear

Foredeck of a tanker

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear 4 Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Warping head
2. Drum
3. Bollards
4. Eyes to connect the stoppers
5. Guide roller
6. Center lead
7. Leadway
8. Head line
9. Forward spring


End links

anchor%252520 mooring%252520gear end%252520links Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Gaff socket with rolled connection
2. Cast spelter socket
3. Rolled eye socket
4. Thimbled Talurit eye
5. Spliced eye with thimble
6. Thimbled Flemish eye, swaged
7. Wedge socket (not allowed for hoisting)

Safety hook

safety%252520hook%252520 %252520schakles Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. Brand or type marking
2. Chain size (chain 7/8 of an inch)
3. Class, grade 8 (high-grade steel)
4. Safety pin
5. Spring

1. Bow shackle with safety pin
2. Bow shackle with screw- bolt
3. D-shackle with safety bolt and nut
4. D-shackle with screw-bolt


turnbuckle Anchor, Mooring gear equipment

1. gaff
2. House
3. Thread- one left, one right handed
4. Eye

Ship’s anchors

bower anchor,
spare anchor,
stream anchor,
kedge anchor,
stern anchor,
sheet anchor,
back anchor,
grapnel, grappling hook,

Ship%20anchors Anchor, Mooring gear equipment
1.stockless anchors,
2.mushroom anchor,
3.high holding power anchor,
4.plough anchor,
5.stock anchors,

Stockless anchor

Stockless%20anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment
1.anchor ring, anchor shackle, Jew’s harp shackle,
2.shank, shaft,

Stock anchor

stock%20anchor Anchor, Mooring gear equipment
7.flukes, palms,
8.bill, pea,
9.anchor head,
10.tripping palms,

An anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain and/or rope on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered. A notched wheel engages the links of the chain or the rope. A "trawl windlass" is a similar machine that restrains or manipulates the trawl on a commercial fishing vessel. The trawl is a sort of big fishing net that is wound on the windlass. The fishermen either let-out the trawl or heaves-up the trawl during fishing operations. A brake is provided for control and a windlass is usually powered by an electric or hydraulic motor operating via a gear train.Ijin try to provide reliable winches for all vessels coming into China.Contact Ijin Marine Limited for more info:sales@ijinmarine.com

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