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Different types of immersion suits

An immersion suit is a body covering suit that is worn specifically for the purpose of remaining afloat and surviving during emergencies in high seas. Therefore this suit is also known as a survival suit or a rescue suit. In today’s times, an immersion suit is one of the most important necessities on ships and oilrigs where a person might need something to protect him from the hazards of water.

Immersion suits are made of neoprene, a type of rubber that is completely waterproof and has an ability to withstand extreme temperatures of water and fire. The immersion suit fits the person’s body completely without exposing a single part in the water. It also has a protective hood to cover the head and gloves to cover the hands.

A rescue suit is designed mainly in two colours – red and orange. Both the colours are kept bright (fluorescent) so that the suits can attract the attention of paramedics or rescue ships immediately.

immersion suit image Different Types of Immersion Suits

Types of Immersion Suits

There are basically three types of immersion suits. The main types can be described as follows:

• The first type of a survival suit is something that is worn by fishermen who fish in extremely cold temperatures. These fishermen keep wearing the immersion suit continuously in order to make sure that their bodies do not lose heat and are kept continuously warm and insulated.

• The second type of rescue suit is the one that is kept on all ships, boats and oil rigs. It is a compulsory requirement without which workers cannot be expected to work in the ship or oil rigs. Only at the time of the critical situation, such immersion suits are worn by the workers.

• The third and final type of immersion suit is known as the Inflatable Immersion Suit. But unlike the two previous immersion suits, this rescue suit does not fully cover the person’s body. The inflated suit only covers a person’s hands and legs, thus helping to keep the person afloat and safe in emergency situations. Because of the compactness of the suit, this suit is easier to carry and transport than the previous two suits mentioned.

Certain immersion suits are also in-built with an emergency torch, a whistle and a tagline that can be attached to the suit of the person who is being rescued. This tagline, also known as the buddy line, is provided to make sure that all the people are together and no person gets lost while in the water.

immersion suit Different Types of Immersion Suits

The technology in the creation and development of an immersion suit has come a long way. In the days to come, there will be even more advancements which will continue to make the application even more successful than what it is at present.

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