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How to Install Wire Rope Clamps?

Wire rope clamps are composed of a saddle, U-bolt and two hex nuts. This simple device makes a structurally strong connection when creating an eyelet in the end of a wire rope or splicing together two lengths of wire rope. Strictly adhering to the installation instructions enclosed with the cable clamps will ensure that you properly install the wire rope cable clamps to the wire cable. You cannot alternate between saddle up and saddle down when installing the wire rope cable clamps.


1, Wrap the end(s) of the wire rope cable with duct tape to hold the rope strands in place. The end of the rope is referred to as the dead end of the cable when it becomes part of a splice or eyelet.

2, Read the installation instructions that came with the wire rope cable clamps to determine the proper spacing and quantity of clamps needed to secure the wire rope.

3, Remove the two hex nuts from one of the wire rope clamps by turning the hex nuts counter-clockwise with your hand, and remove the U-bolt from the saddle of the clamp.

4, Slide the U-bolt over the dead end of the wire rope cable, place the saddle back onto the U-bolt, and thread the two hex nuts back onto the threaded section of the U-bolt.

5, Hand-tighten the two hex nuts to hold the first wire clamp in position.

6, Measure out from the first cable clamp, and repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 for the second cable clamp. Repeat the procedure for each clamp that the manufacturer recommends for your application. (Distance varies with wire rope diameter and is stated in the installation instructions that are supplied with the wire rope clamps; see Step 2.)

7, Place the socket that fits the hex nuts threaded onto the U-bolt onto the click-style torque wrench, and set the torque wrench to the torque specified in the cable clamp installation instructions.

8, Tighten each hex nut with the torque wrench until you hear an audible click emit from the wrench. Continue tightening the hex nuts until all the wire rope cable clamps are tightened to the recommended torque setting.

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