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Safety tips for steel wire rope slings


Find out the weight for the load to be lifted.

Examine all slings before use and discard those are defective

Protect sling from sharp corners by packing suitable material such as rubber or wood.

Use protective gloves when handling steel wire rope.

Keep wire rope slings in dry place when not in use.


Do not use the sling for any load exceeding the stated SWL.

Do not use a sling that contains kinking, crushing, birdcaging or other damage   which distort the original rope construction.

Do not use wire rope slings with 10 randomly broken wires in one rope lay, or 5  wires in one strand in one rope lay.

Do not use wire rope slings with severe wear, abrasion or scraping, metal loss of  1/3 of the diameter of individual outside wires should be discarded.

Do not bend splice over corners.

Do not exceed 120 degrees when using multi-legged wire rope sling.

Do not drag wire rope slings along the floor.

Never allow the load to be carried over the heads of other people.

Never ride on the load.

Never join wire rope slings by knotting, always use a shackle.

Never shorten wire rope slings by knotting.

Wire rope derating

The strength of steel wire rope is reduced by bending. The derating is related to the diameter of the bend as follows (d = diameter of the steel wire rope):

        6d = 100%

        5d = 85%

        4d = 80%

        3d = 70%

        2d = 65%

        1d = 50%

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