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Types of Lifeboats Used On Ship

Lifeboat is one of the most important life-saving equipments onboard a ship, which is used at the time of extreme emergencies for abandoning a ship. Lifeboat is a smaller rigid vessel, secured onboard into davits so that it can be launched over the side of the ship with least time and mechanical assistance possible for an early escape of the crew from the ship.

A lifeboat must carry all the equipments described under SOLAS and LSA codes, which are passed for the survival at sea. This includes rations, fresh water, first aid, compass, distress signalling equipments like rocket etc. A ship must carry one rescue boat for the rescuing purpose, along with other lifeboats. One of the lifeboats can be designated as a rescue boat, if more than two or more lifeboats are present onboard a ship.

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Types of Lifeboat:

There are three types of lifeboats used on merchant vessels:

Open Lifeboat:

As the name suggests, the open lifeboat has no roof and is normally propelled by manual power by using hand propelled ores. Compression ignition engine may also be provided for the propulsion purpose. However, open lifeboats are becoming obsolete now because of stringent safety norms, but one may find them on older ship.

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The open lifeboat doesn’t help much in rain or bad weather and the possibility of water ingress in the highest.

Closed lifeboat:

Closed lifeboats are the most popular lifeboats that are used on ships, for they are enclosed which saves the crew from sea water, strong wind and rough weather. Moreover, the water tight integrity is higher in this type of lifeboat and it can also get upright on its own if toppled over by waves. Closed lifeboats are further classified as – Partially enclosed and fully enclosed lifeboats.

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Free fall life boat:

Free fall lifeboat is similar to an enclosed lifeboat but the process of launching is entirely different. They are aerodynamic in nature and thus the boat can penetrate the water without damaging the body when launched from the ship. The free fall life boat is located at the aft of the ship, which provides a maximum clear area for free fall.

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There are many different types of lifeboat and rescue boat. They are divided into free fall lifeboat,totally enclosed lifeboat,partially enclosed lifeboat,etc according to use, structure,lauching type.Ijin cooperated with China's famous boatyards such as Beihai Shipyard,Dalian Mingzu,Songliao,Haihong,Jiangyin Beihai,Wuxi Wenjiao.All lifeboats,rescue boats can be delivered directly on board in China's ports,dockyards,anchorage,etc.Ijin can provide CCS,DNV,LR,ABS,NK,KR,etc class certificate for all lifeboat.In more than 300 ports of 80 countries, Ijin is also able to do annual inspection,five years inspection for your lifeboat and rescue boat.Contact our representitive for more information,sales@ijinmarine.com

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