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A winch is a device that is used to pull in or let out something that requires a specific tension. They have a huge variety of uses and can be many sizes. The simple version of a winch consists of a spool and a crank. The largest versions of winches are used in heavy industry and marine haulage. As well as the more basic hand operated winches, often used on small sailing vessels, winches can be incredibly complex items that use hydraulic, electric and gas powered engines to power the operation. This article explains a few of the more important uses for this very clever device.

More Uses For Winches

They can be used in theatrical productions for moving heavy items such as scenery construction without the need for a large amount of manpower. They are designed so a single person can shift a huge wait with very little effort indeed. They are very important on yachts and are used to trim the line, the member uses one hand to turn the line and the other to keep the tension regulated. Winches are also used for water and snow sports activities. Instead of requiring a boat to pull a water skier, the winch is set up in a circular track and can provide sufficient thrust to simulate the now redundant boat.

Snubbing Winch

A snubbing winch is similar to a conventional winch but does not use a crank handle to drive it. The winch line is controlled by pulling the tail line, and after the pulling operation is stopped, the winch can take the load without any effort required by the winch handler. These are used mainly for small sailing boats and dinghies, and they control the sails and lines as discussed previously. They can also be used in larger applications to support primary winch mechanisms.

Marine Winch

A marine winch is a very large construction that is primarily used for lifting heavy equipment onto a boat or a ship. They are also used for pulling in heavy industrial fishing nets and also cages from the bottom of the sea. The marine winch usually features a big spool connected to a hydraulic engine, they also use a gear system that changes the tension and power ratios used to pull these extremely heavy objects. The winch tends to be situated behind the captain’s house, away from the main deck’s activities. These winches are also used on dry land at the shipping docks. They are used when cranes are not available or they cannot access the remote docking areas.

Glider Winch

As well as many industrial uses, the winch is also used for some leisure activities, as well as the water sports previously mentioned, the winch plays an important part in gliding. The glider winch is attached to a large vehicle and is connected to the glider. The glider is towed by the vehicle and the winch slowly lets out the high tensile steel cable. When the glider reaches a height of approximately 1000-1600 meters, the glider is released to do its thing.

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Noel Williams, author of this post, works for Industrial and Marine Winch Hire which provides electric & diesel hydraulic power packs in Western Australia. He keeps himself up-to-date with the latest technology and blogs about various types of power packs and winches including tugger winches.

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