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Why ship needs standby pumps?


Pumps are commonly found and the most used marine equipments on ships,regardless of the purpose of systems,nearly all of them have pumps serve specific purpose,especially when it comes to system closely related to water and oil.A standby pump is fitted along with the main pump in parallel arrangement,many people say that it is a waste of money,but the truth is not.

Take the fresh water cooling water system of ship engine for instance,you will always find two fresh water pumps on the schematic diagram,are they working together?The answer is no,it is only one fresh water pump running at a time,you may ask then what does the other pump used for,isn’t it used to help increase the water flow in the water circuit?In fact,if the system is designed to use two pumps,then one pump is sufficient to provide enough water for the system,the other pump is only a standby pump,it does not run while the other pump is running.Should failures occurs to the running pump the standby pump will be working instead.The fault pump will stop contributed to external logic protection.

Each pump can be set as a standby pump to the other one,when the discharge pressure falls below the preset value,it indicates something goes wrong with the running pump,the most common case is a clogged suction pipe,when the pressure signal is captured by the VCS and compared to the valve value,if the value is smaller than the preset value,the pump will stop running thereby starting the standby pump instead.Then the discharge pressure would most likely recover to normal,this is the exact moment for crew to find out what happened to the main pump.The diesel engine would stop running due to overheat if there’s only one pump and it is fault,then we can see why a standby pump is so important for a ship.

Standby pumps are also the main factor that makes a ship so expensive,the function of a standby pump has also to be tested immediately after its installation,as it would likely result in bigger trouble if the standby pump does not automatically start up when failure of the main running pump occurs.

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